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by Carmen Zajicek •

Your Complete Guide to Setting Up a Skincare Routine for Yourself

Skincare is both an art and a science, and you need to invest in the right products to get the results you want. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and confused if you’re a novice and not sure where to begin. There are some key factors to think about when setting up a routine for yourself—and no, gender is not one of them. Remember the following tips and advice when coming up with a new routine for yourself, and you’ll nail your skincare requirements in no time: Identify your skin type and needs The first thing you need to do is identify your skin type. Is it oily? Is it dry? Is it combination? Is it sensitive? Once you know your skin type, choosing products that work for it is easier, not against it. Following that, identify the issues you want to address, whether it’s acne, discoloration, or aging, and use that to choose the right products, like anti-aging skin serums. Stick to the basics for a good foundation You need to stick to skincare basics for a solid foundation, with most routines following a multi-step process. You cleanse, tone, use serums, then spot treatments, then moisturizer, then add-ons, and then top it off with sunscreen if it’s daytime and a heavier cream if it’s nighttime. Don’t jump right into actives and prescription-strength products, but rather, ease your way in with simple things like hydrating cream. Following key steps also prevent your products from reacting with one another and causing issues like irritation and burning. Stay consistent with your new routine Lastly, the one thing to remember about any new skincare routine is to stay consistent. Give yourself time with each product, use it for at least 4-6 weeks to really gauge if it works, and don’t expect to see results overnight. Slow and steady always wins the race in skincare! Skincare doesn’t need to be scary, overwhelming, or confusing. A few key products and ingredients can make all the difference to your routine, giving you the results you want and need. You can find everything from anti-aging skin serums to eyelash and eyebrow grower on our website, finding all your skincare must-haves right here.