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How to Get Rid of Acne Scars?

by Carmen Zajicek |

According to research, acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, affecting 50 million Americans annually. The groups most affected by acne include teenagers and young adults. In addition, around 85 percent of people aged 12-24 experience light acne.

One of the worst things about acne has to be the scarring! Even when people follow different treatments to get rid of acne, it takes months, even years, to remove the scarring entirely, making it every adolescent's worst nightmare.

Are you tired of treating your acne scars constantly without anything workings? Here's your guide on getting rid of acne scars as quickly as possible.

Chemical Peels

In chemical peels, dermatologists apply a chemical solution to your acne scars to remove the top layer of the skin. This method usually works for deep scars, where removing the top layer of the skin minimizes the appearance of deeper scars.

Even though you can use mild to moderate chemical peels in your home, we recommend consulting a dermatologist before applying harsh chemicals on your face. You don't want another breakout or side effects like changes in skin color, especially if your skin is darker.


Like a chemical peel, a dermatologist removes the top layer of your skin during dermabrasion.

However, dermabrasion includes using a rapidly rotating brush or other medical devices to get the same results. After dermabrasion, your surface scars are removed, and deep ones are less noticeable. The most significant side effect of dermabrasion is a change in skin color.

Laser Resurfacing

Another acne scar treatment that removes the top layer of the skin is laser resurfacing. A dermatologist usually switches to laser resurfacing if dermabrasion isn't working on your acne scars.

However, you must cover the treated area with a bandage until your scars are healed. In addition, dermatologists don't perform laser resurfacing on people who still get acne breakouts. It isn't also effective for people with darker skin tones.


Microneedling is another medical procedure to remove acne scars, slowly gaining popularity. In this treatment, dermatologists use a small, needle-studded pen on the skin's surface. This treatment punctures the numbed skin without drawing blood

Once the skin starts to heal, it makes collagen and treats acne scars. However, this process shows slow results, and you have to wait at least nine months to see a noticeable difference in the scarring on your face.

Person with a chemical peel on their face

Home Care Methods

However, if you don't want to invest a lot of time and money in these medical methods, you can always remove acne through proper skincare. At Omiera Labs, we have a vast collection of acne and scar-removing cleansers and creams. In addition, we also make antifungal nail creams so that you can have pretty hands and feet alongside scar-less skin.

Reach out to us, get rid of your scars through our skincare collection, or buy an antifungal nail cream online.