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Everything You Need to Know About Taking Care of Your Toenails

by Carmen Zajicek |

Many people invest a lot of time and effort in caring for their face and hair, but often forget to care for their toenails—that's because most people think that toenails don't require proper care. Well, that’s a myth!

Pretty feet with filed and clean toenails can boost your confidence. But that’s not all. Not taking care of your toenails can lead to bacterial and fungal infections.

Here’s your guide to taking care of your toenails.

Trim Toenails Regularly

With a hectic schedule, it’s possible to forget to cut your toenails regularly. However, you should trim your toenails at least once every week. However, your toenail trimming schedule depends upon your nail growth. If your toenails take more time to grow, you can trim them once every two weeks.

Long toenails can hurt if you stub your feet against any object. In some cases, your nail might break, leading to a minor injury.

But is trimming toenails just grabbing whatever nail clipper is available and quickly cutting your nails? Not really. First, you should use a nail clipper designed specifically for toenails. They're stronger and can cut through thick toenails, which regular fingernail nail clippers can’t. Next, trim your toenails and file their corners. This method can round the corners, preventing ingrown toenail infections.

Don’t Cut Your Cuticles

Cutting cuticles is one of the biggest mistakes many people make while trimming their toenails. Cuticles are clear skin strips that connect your toenails with your skin, and they exist for a reason! They work as a tight seal and prevent bacteria and pathogens from entering your skin. Filing, trimming, prodding, or cutting cuticles can damage this layer of defense.

Change Your Socks Regularly

Do you know that the condition of your socks can affect the health of your toenails? It shouldn’t be a surprise as socks are in direct contact with the feet and toenails. Wearing damp or sweaty socks for extended periods can lead to bacterial growth, resulting in bacterial and fungal infections.

Therefore, changing your socks daily is the ideal way to prevent these infections. However, if you work out or sweat a lot, change your socks every time they get sweaty. You can also wear cotton socks, which are breathable and minimize sweating.

Avoid Wearing Tight Shoes (Or Loose Ones)

You might be surprised to read this, but proper-fitting shoes are critical for toenail care. If you wear shoes that are too tight or loose, your toenails can get blisters. Moreover, if your shoes are narrow, your toenails will get cramped and grow inward. Oh, and did we mention that wearing pointed shoes can result in bunions or hammertoes? Therefore, select shoes after proper fitting.

Person applying toenail fungus remover to their toenails

Get Antifungal Nail Cream

However, if you develop a toenail fungal infection, take steps to manage it as soon as possible. At Omiera Labs, we have an antifungal nail treatment cream that eradicates fungus and other fungal symptoms effectively. Moreover, this toenail fungus remover has natural components that prevent the fungus from returning, keeping your toenails healthy.

Reach out to us or buy antifungal nail cream online at a discount.