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Omiera Labs was established in 2000 by a team of some of the best Physicians, Pharmacists, and Chemists, blending a combined 100 years of experience and know-how in treating those hard-to-treat symptoms with custom formulation. They now celebrate 18 years of success and progression in the Skin Care and Cosmetic Industry.

Always competing on genius, the team is constantly testing one another's knowledge pushing each other to achieve the highest quality and most effective solutions while holding true to their core values. As a well known and respected company in the Medical field and Chemist Circles, Omiera Labs holds memberships in a number of professional organizations, including Professional Compounding Centers of America, International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding (IJPC), American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, National Association of Sports Nutrition, American Academy of Pain Management, and Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Years of experience and absolute commitment has brought together a team of like-minded experts dedicated to taking on the challenge of defying age, one nature-based formula at a time.

Our Mission:To improve a person quality of life by providing practical, evidence-based, multi-active, non-abrasive formulas for individuals dealing with a variety of health issues. All products are made with the consumer in mind, with the common goal of convenience, allowing them to receive the best treatment available while keeping the costs as low as possible. Products are produced in the United States yet can be delivered worldwide. 

Omiera Labs takes pride in using only the finest, naturally derived ingredients that have been proven to work and are highly compatible with the cellular structure, providing quickened results with no negative side effects. Omiera Labs finds pleasure in offering unique formulations that cannot be found by other brands. And of course what really sets them apart is the level of potency their products attain, delivering results in a shorter amount of time.

Our products are multi-active, over-the-counter and reasonably priced, in keeping with our goal of providing high quality, effective solutions to address common ailments that hinder a person’s quality of life.