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Surprising Causes of Nail Fungus to Be Wary Of

by Carmen Zajicek |

Nail fungus is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. It’s a perfectly common condition that affects nearly 14% of the American population and can be attributed to various health conditions and lifestyle choices.

It’s typically not harmful but can cause pain, irritation, discoloration, and damage to the nail, and may be difficult to get rid of without treatment. It’s important that you learn about the dangers of this condition and seek out nail fungus treatment while understanding some of its most surprising causes:

Your favorite sneakers or pumps could be the cause

You might not want to hear it, but your favorite pair of shoes could be the cause of your fungus-infected toenails. Unfortunately, shoes that make your feet sweat can heavily contribute to fungal growth and cause problems with your nails, causing them to thicken, get discolored, and weaken. When your toenails are unable to breathe and dry out, they’re more prone to developing fungus, which is why it’s important to air your shoes out fully too.

A person wears closed shoes that cause sweat and lead to fungus.

Walking barefoot around pools and damp areas

You may be surprised to learn that the opposite also holds true; walking barefoot, especially in damp, public areas such as swimming pools, bathrooms, saunas, and showers, could also contribute to fungal growth. Since it’s infectious, you can prevent it with a few simple steps, including wearing flip-flops or open-toed shoes when you walk through these areas, using fungal nail treatment routinely, and looking out for any changes.

Immune system conditions and health conditions

However, it’s not always about what you wear or where you go but about your health and wellness. Certain immune disorders and health conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, injuries, and deformities, can all contribute to fungal growth and infections. Your physician must manage these health conditions, but you can take measures to minimize their impacts, including nail fungus that affects both your finger and toenails.

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