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Omiera Labs Instant Lifting Cream & Eyelash Growth Enhancer 2-Piece Gift Set


Perfect Set with Two Essential Skin Care Components to include in your routine for Glowing Radiant Skin And Longer, Stronger Eyelashes

Glocione Instant Lifting Cream enriches the complexion while delivering a lightweight coverage. Can be worn alone to create the illusion of naturally even-looking skin, or mixed in with your foundation. Can be applied before important meetings and gatherings so that you would look younger and radiant. Improves dark spots and uneven skin tone for visibly smoother, more uniform looking skin. Lifts and firms, corrects, perfects and nourishes. Wrinkle-free skin after just 60 seconds of applying.

Revimour is an eyelash enhancing serum that works by prolonging the hair growth cycle and deterring breakage. This gives lashes and brows the time needed to grow thicker and more abundant. Nourishes lashes for a thicker, more luscious, and defined appearance. Works to prevent breakage while improving flexibility, and shine. Enhances the appearance of sparse, thinning lashes to reveal a healthier, conditioned and lustrous looking Eyelashes. Fast results in as little as 1-2 weeks.


Glocione Instant Lifting Cream-Mallow Extract, Peppermint Leaf Extract, Butterweed Extract, Lady's Mantle Extract, Speedwell Extract, Rapeseed Extract, Alpha Arbutin, Licorice Extract, Melon Extract, Cucumber Flower Extract, Centella Asiatica. 

Revimour-Gamma Linoleic Acid, Saw Palmetto, Citric Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E


Use twice daily or as directed by your skincare professional.

Omiera Labs Omiera Labs Glocione Anti-Aging Cream & Revimour Eyelash Enhancer Beauty Set

Omiera Labs Instant Lifting Cream & Eyelash Growth Enhancer 2-Piece Gift Set


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Carey McLaughlin
Great Products

Everything I've tried so far I absolutely love.
The eye cream is amazing. A little bit goes a long way. It's super silky and does not cause milia.
The Revimour Eye Lash Enhancer is a game changer. I've used latisse in the past and it was just a hassle to remove the applicators apply the serum on the applicators. This is super easy you just swipe over your eyeline and its done. I also used for my eye brows and I've seen tremendous growth in both my lashes and brows. Highly recommended.

Christine Auxier
Impressed !!!

Super excited to see the results after using Revimour Eyelash Enhancer. Always barely had bottom eyelashes and so pleased to see at least 50% more eyelashes and growth from the existing lashes. My upper lashes are thicker and longer. This product far exceeded my expectation. I’ve been a Latisse enthusiast but for the price and the lash growth I’m more than ecstatic with the results after. Saw growth in about 2 weeks and now 6 weeks later just gets better!!!

For HANDS too

My skin gets so pale this time of year, this bronzing cream helps keep me from looking washed out. I rub excess product after applying to my face on the back of my hands too which Ive found to be good for my thin skin, skin def looks healthier and discoloration spots less visible. No results from eyelashes yet, hopes are high!

This combo works great!

I used both consecutively for a week and I have to say, I'm really impressed! Bronzing Moisturizer:Instantly tones and even treats my acne scars look visibly lighter with no makeup on. The eyelash enhancer: The scent is clean and it feels cool and refreshing when applied. The brush is soft so there is no scratching delicate eye tissue.A noticeable reduction in fallout and , in fact, bald spots have disappeared and numbers of lower lashes increased. My lashes seem healthier!

Highly recommended!

These serums have now become a firm favourite. Glocione adds a fresh and radiant glow to your skin. You need very little product, as it glides on and spreads easily. As with most serums, it feels a bit sticky, which makes your moisturiser or foundation sink in better. I apply under my makeup, and my makeup lasted all day with minimum touch ups. I found I needed to use a lot less moisturiser and foundation when using the serum. Since I started using the Omiera Labs range of skincare, I can honestly say that there has been a very noticeable difference to my skin. It looks fresh, radiant and firmer.

I recommend +++

Both work great. worth the price works very quickly and 100% does the job. I recommended

Amazing Combo

I first used this cream after I received a sample at a conference. I loved it so much I ordered this container. My skin is much more supple looking and I love the texture. It does not have added fragrance, so sort of has a mildly medicinal smell...but I prefer it that way. I have had this sized container about 6 weeks and it is just starting to get low. Going to buy more. I'm definitely sticking with this product!!

Great set!

Because, my eye lashes are much longer now after using this product, I now know what having what looks like false long lashes for real, they are naturally lengthen and fuller by using the product. You apply it as it says, and it is clear and dry quickly and prepare to wait for around a month of usage and then you will have natural long thick eye lashes for real. Great pair with tinted moisturizer that makes your skin glow and feel tight.


Once you go Omera Labs, you never go back!!! The serum has easy application and natural ingredients that won't irritate your eyes. Seems to condition nicely and the oils make your lashes somewhat more visible. This thick milky liquid goes on easily. When I applied it it sunk in pretty much instantly, it made my skin feel powder soft. I think it had a slight effect on my skin tone etc but it certainly felt nicer and my make up lasted well after using it. It didnt irritate my skin at all either.

A. Tler
The best i have found!

I've tried other products that are supposed to give me longer thicker eyelashes but they've always left my eyes itchy and bothersome. With this product that hasn't been the issue at all, thankfully! I just started these products a little over two weeks ago and I must say I have really noticed a change in growth and thickness in my eyebrows especially! Also, I normally tend to lose a lot of lashes due to mascara use but since I've been using this I no longer shed my lashes! I would recommend this to anyone looking for an effective way to get longer and thicker lashes and the face cream for adding some color to pale skin. I don't wear makeup because I breakout easily so this is a great product for me and has inproved my skin condition, no breakouts!