Natural Hair Growth Inhibitor

Adroit by Omiera


Grow More Confident, Not More Hair. Reduce Hair Growth and Enjoy Silky Smooth Skin with Adroit.


Minimize growth of excessive or unwanted facial, body or bikini line hair with Adroit, a soothing cream formulated by a team of pharmacists and physicians using powerful and proven natural ingredients. Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.



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Adroit is the natural way to minimize and the slow the growth of unwanted hair.


When too much hair grows where you’d rather it didn’t, it can make you feel unsure and hesitant. Be comfortable even in bright lights and close encounters with Adroit Hair Growth Inhibitor. This lightweight cream noticeably minimizes and slows hair re-growth while healing any bumps and breakouts that occur after hair removal.


Apply Adroit consistently to areas where hair has been removed by waxing, plucking, shaving or epilating. Hair growth is slowed with every use, and the hair that grows back is finer and less dense. Skin is left soft, silky and breakout-free. Use Adroit regularly and you’ll feel better about how you look.


What Causes Women’s Facial Hair?

If you are experiencing excessive hair growth, be sure to see your physician for a medical diagnosis. The most common cause of excess hair growth is a hormonal imbalance, including:


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – PCOS condition indicates an imbalance of female sex hormones. Symptoms of PCOS can begin when a girl starts having menstrual cycles. Other indications include irregular periods, excessive face and body hair, thinning of hair on the head, obesity and infertility.


Male Hormones – Abnormally high levels of androgens or male hormones in the blood can cause hair to grow, thicker and courser.


Other – Adrenal diseases and conditions, including tumors and late onset adrenal hyperplasia, can also cause excessive hair growth. Although considered rare, excess hair can also be a symptom of ovarian tumors.

How Adroit Works:
The natural ingredients used in Adroit, including plant alkaloids and terpenoids, work synergistically at the follicle root to effectively interrupt and slow growth. Hair regrows to be lighter and finer. Breakouts and infected follicles that often appear after hair removal are healed, so skin is left soft and smooth without the angry bumps.



Why Adroit?

  • Slows and thins hair growth while preventing bumps and break outs
  • Versatile; not only reduces hair growth but battles and prevents breakouts and whitens dark spots that appear after removing hair
  • Leaves skin soft and silky
  • Diminishes need for concealer makeup
  • High success rate
  • Fast results (1-2 weeks)
  • No known side effects - all natural
  • Physician and pharmacist preferred
  • No-risk 30 day money-back guarantee
  • One container may last up to two months


(232 Customer reviews)



Plant Alkaloids and Terpenoids, Aloe Vera Juice, Raspberry Seed Extract, Eucalyptus Leaf Extract, and other natural ingredients




Apply small amount immediately after removing facial hair. Use twice daily for a month and once a day thereafter. May be worn under light makeup. Stops growth of unwanted facial hair, lessens unattractive breakouts and discoloration, and leaves skin feeling silky and youthful.











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